Rainbow Snippet May 26-27

More from Italy this week.  My wife and I made our plans to travel to Oslo and Stockholm this summer and I already have some characters kicking around in my head that will have a grand time on this summer’s adventure.

From ONE

THEY STOOD ON the sidewalk, close but not touching. Lana reached over to hold Mac’s hand, her long fingers cool in Mac’s sweaty palm. She gripped Mac’s hand, her fingers loose and relaxed. “What are you doing tomorrow?”
Mac raised her shoulders and let them fall. “Dunno. I have a list of things I should see from my friends and a guidebook. “
“Would you like company? I have some time before things get crazy.”
Yesyesyes. Play it cool. Fuck it, be honest. No lines. She deserves better. Be better. “I’d love to spend more time with you.” Mac gave Lana’s hand a small squeeze and her pulse quickened when the barest hint of a blush spread across Lana’s face. The quick squeeze of her fingers on Mac’s hand kindled the spark of want and hope in Mac’s chest into a roaring flame. Lana’s limousine turned the corner, its headlights illuminating the street and sidewalk. Mac turned to face Lana. She tugged on her hand and pulled her closer. Now. Kiss her now. No. Don’t. Don’t fuck it up.
Lana rested her hand on Mac’s chest, her fingers wide. She looked into Mac’s face. Heat like a smoldering fire burned in Lana’s eyes. Mac trembled. Lana looked down before she leaned forward, pressing the length of her body against Mac and kissed her softly on the cheek. Mac swallowed hard. The sound of tires on pavement announced her car’s arrival. Mac froze. No no no. Why didn’t I kiss her? Damn car. They broke apart as the car glided to the curb. Lana trailed her fingers down Mac’s shirt, stopping short of her belt buckle before she stepped off the curb.
She looked back at Mac over her shoulder with her hand on the car door handle. “Tomorrow then? Nine?”
“Sure.” Mac stuffed her hands in her pockets.
“See ya.” Mac stood in the cool night air and watched the car pull away. She touched the spot on her cheek where Lana’s lips had been.”

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