The Love of Reading


My kids love books. They are happy when we read together. They are not able to read on their own yet, but they make up stories looking at the pictures and remembering. They are very good about asking what a word means when I read a word they don’t know to them. To them the library is a magical place. When we come home from the library with our big bag of books, they spill them out across the floor and spend at least an hour looking at them.
 I hope that they remain as excited about books for the rest of their lives. Books have been my constant companions since I could read. I have never minded waiting, nor being left alone, as long as I had a book to read.
Parents sometimes stress about what legacy they will leave their children. As the daughter of two readers, I know that a love of reading is the most wonderful gift my parents could have ever given me.

I intend to pass the legacy on.