Staying in touch

I haven’t used the blog in quite a bit mostly because I have been writing up a storm and focusing on my newsletter. I know it seems like our inboxes are bulging at the seams and everyone wants you to sign up for their newsletter and there is a good reason for that.
It is the only way artists and creators can be sure we can stay in touch with you.
Recently a fellow sapphic author @aurorareywrites had her account on Meta disabled, without recourse. This could happen at any time to any of the authors and creators you follow.
The downside of social media connections is that they are always on someone else’s terms. I am very careful to share only those snippets of books, and photots that will not be flagged by bots as “against community guidelines”. Which can change in an instant.
The solution to this is to sign up for your favorite author’s and creator’s newsletters if they have one and follow them on multiple platforms. A
So if the bird app is your thing you can find me there @bmurphysideshow
You can also sign up for my newsletter here and score a free book in the process.
I send out my newsletter about once or twice per month and share, book recommendations, discount codes, free book giveaways, snippets of my works in progress, photos of my dog, and garden.  I hope to see you there.
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Latest releases:

Celebrated concert pianist Nüwa Zhou had it all. Until she didn’t. Forced out of the closet while testifying at the kidnapping and murder trial of her obsessive former assistant turned stalker, she retires from the high-pressure world of performing to recover at her parents’ estate. Stone mason, and frustrated sculptor Julia Johnson, spends her days stone building walls and patios while dreaming of quitting her day job. After a chance encounter with Julia leads to more, Nüwa imagines a life with Julia. When her stalker returns, determined to kidnap Nüwa and end anyone who stands in his way, Nüwa will do whatever it takes to keep Julia safe, but will it be enough?

Secrets. Lust. Betrayal. The city of Justia has fallen, and Lilith, goddess of fire, is missing. All that remains of her once-powerful empire is an abandoned castle haunted by spirits.
Newly freed from her crystalline prison, Mara and her warrior consort, Reika, are on a quest to find Lilith and restore the empire of Mahon.
After their mission is betrayed, a time-traveling sorcerer kidnaps Reika leaving Mara trapped in the tunnels beneath Lilith’s ruined castle. Unwilling to surrender her love or her life, Mara risks all to save her mate