Rainbow Snippet June 29-30

A steamy Saturday here, and I spent the morning making dolmas from the grape leaves pruned from my backyard vines. A dear friend came over and shared his mother’s recipe and they were delicious. It made me think of all the wonderful food I wrote about in Both Ends of the Whip, my novel inspired by a trip to a vineyard in Northern Italy and so this week’s snip is a throwback from that novel.

Both End of the Whip is the second book in the Rowan House Series and was my first experiment in writing a poly romance. I hope you enjoy this snip.

From Both Ends of the Whip:

Vivian lifted her chin, her gaze steady. “I have the contracts here. They’re for six months. That should be enough time for all of us to decide if the arrangement is acceptable.” She lifted an elegant black fountain pen from the desk and uncapped it. With a flowing hand she signed her name to each document. She held the pen out, and Octavia walked to the desk. Her fingers brushed against Vivian’s as she took the pen, and a tingle of desire worked its way to her core. Octavia signed her name on the contract. Damn. Get it together. This is trouble. So much trouble. When she was finished, she laid the pen on the desk and glanced up into Vivian’s eyes. The tingle turned into a strong wave of heat. Looking away from Vivian, she stepped back.
Vivian picked up the pen and held it out for Bridget. With slow steps Bridget walked to the desk, her focus fixed on Vivian’s face. Octavia noted the small tremor that shook her hand as she took the pen from Vivian and the way Bridget lowered her gaze when Vivian looked at her. After signing her name, Bridget held the pen out with both hands, palms up, an offering. Vivian’s lips curved into a smile as she took the pen from Bridget’s uplifted hands.
She didn’t smile at me. What the hell is wrong with me? So what? Get it together. She’s our employer. Nothing more. Damn, she gets to me. And to Bridget.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that the contracts are signed.

  2. I’ve got this on my TBR pile, and really need to get around to reading it. <3
    This snip makes me wonder whether they're all aware what they are signing.

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