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Hello Snippeteers!

I’ve had a lovely break including a fantastic 10 day digital detox, and I’m ready to get back to work. This week’s snip is from a paranormal romance I’ve had on the back burner for several years and plan to finish this fall. The working title is Helen and Lucinda. This is a first draft so please be forgiving. 

From Helen and Lucinda:

Lucinda relaxed her grip, tracing her claw down Helen’s face.  “Not a threat. I have a gift,” sliding her hand to the back of Helen’s neck she gripped it hard. With her other hand she ran a nail across her breast.  Golden liquid seeped along the line of the wound. Lucinda touched her finger to Helen’s lips  “Drink and be mine. Forever bound. Blood by blood, lifetime by lifetime.”

“Why now?” Helen gripped Lucinda’s waist with both hands.”I have nothing to give you”

“You fear loosing me to Lilith. This is my pledge to you. Drink and know you are bound to me.”

Helen lowered her head and lapped the glistining drops of blood Lucinda offered. Sweet and coppery, Lucinda’s offering filled her mouth.

“Your gift to me will be freeing Lilith from the stone.” Lucinda pressed a kiss to the crown of Helen’s head

Helen sighed as she swallowed the last of Lucinda’s gift. A tendril of desire curled up from her belly spun out from her center and she pushed her body hard against Lucinda craving more of her dark gift. 

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