Rainbow Snippet May 18-19

Hello Snippteers,

I just sent off my second round of edits for the Complex Dimensions, book four in the Rowan House series and thought this snip was perfect for this week. My kids only have seven days left of school and I’m trying to cram in as much work as I can before summer break. I hope you enjoy this week’s snip.

From Complex Dimensions:

Millie crossed the room and clasped the woman’s hand in both of hers. “Signora Rossi, so good to see you again.”
“And you as well.” The woman leaned in and kissed Millie on both cheeks. Her voice was warm honey laced with a hint of seduction. “And didn’t we decide you would call me Aurora?”
Veronica squelched the flare of jealousy that ignitied in her chest at the way they greeted each other.
Aurora turned and raked her gaze over Veronica. “Who have you brought me?”
Millie grinned and held out her hand palm up. “Veronica Fletcher meet Signora Aurora Rossi.”
Veronica held out her hand. “Pleased to meet you, Signora Rossi.”
Aurora took Veronica’s offered hand and held it tightly as her gaze traveled over Veronica’s body. “My pleasure. Call me, Aurora.” She dropped Veronica’s hand. “Turn for me, please.”
“Um, what?” Veronica gripped the seams of her jeans. Under Aurora’s gaze, Veronica had the sensation of being naked.
“Arms relaxed at your side, turn in a slow circle. I want to see your shape.” She murmured to herself in Italian as Veronica turned as she had directed.

“Millie, get the notebook out of my bag. Be my scribe.” Millie grinned and walked over to a burgundy leather case leaning against one of the chairs. Aurora fixed her gaze on Veronica’s face. “Now strip. I need to measure you.”

The brisk businesslike tone of her voice had Veronica tugging at the hem of her shirt to comply. “Everything?”

Aurora tilted her head at Veronica, a sly smile on her face. “As much as I would enjoy you completely naked, that is not what we are here for today. Leave on your underthings.”

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