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Sorry it’s been so long, I fell down the NaNoWriMO rabbit hole and just surfaced. This week’s snip is from my work in progess, Veronica’s story:

Millie worked steadily her eyes fixed on some vision only she could see, her concentration evident as she pressed the weight off her chest. Sweat poured off Millie’s forehead with the strain and her arms started to tremble. Veronica wrapped her hands around the bar, worried Millie would not be able to rack the bar on her own. “Last one?”

Millie grunted her answer and lowered the bar again, her knuckles white. Veronica held on lightly, letting Millie handle the weight, assisting her only when she racked the bar. Millie lay on the bench, chest heaving, eyes closed. Veronica walked around to the side of the bench and picked up Millie’s water bottle. She looked down at Millie memorizing her expression. A look of satisfied exhaustion filled her features, Veronica pushed aside her desire to be the cause of her expression instead of her work out.

Millie opened her eyes and Veronica stared back unable to hide her want, dazed by the heat she saw in Millie’s eyes. Kiss her. Do it. Don’t think. Kiss her now.She leaned over her unable to resist the invitation she saw in Millie’s eyes. Millie’s hand came up and gently cupped the back of Veronica’s neck. She hesitated, her lips a whisper away from Millie’s. The door slammed open and Benita entered followed by Roxy. Millie let go of Veronica’s neck and sat up quickly. Veronica stepped back and thrust the water bottle into Millie’s hand. A flush rose in her face, and she caught Benita’s curious look as she shifted her gaze from Millie to Veronica.

“Did I miss the show Millie?” Roxy’s loud voice and incurable flirty attitude filled the space and the sexual tension between Veronica and Millie melted.

Millie snorted. “You did. But if you show up Tuesday you can watch my ass when I squat.”

Veronica forced a laugh, desperate to cover her awkwardness and disappointment. “Now your fan club is here, are we done?”
Millie tilted her head to the side, her expression shuttered. “Sure. Sorry to keep you from your book.” She turned away from Veronica her posture rigid.

Damn. She’s pissed off. Because I almost kissed her? Or because I didn’t? What is wrong with me? Even if she wanted me to kiss her. I can’t fuck this up I don’t want to hurt Myfanwy. Or make things awkward where I work. Fuck me.


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