Review: Breakthrough- Kris Bryant

Looking for a fun and funny light read with hella cute animal antics, and a smoking hot butch ranger? Look no further. Kris Bryant delivers a low angst, light-hearted read, well written with just the right amount of tension to keep you interested and invested in the love story.   A classic butch/femme tale, set in Alaska,  Fearless reporter Kennedy and wildlife sanctuary director Brynn, have a chemistry that explodes. I particularly like that even though Kennedy has many wacky accidents, she is not portrayed as stupid only inexperienced. Her bravery after being the only eyewitness to a crime and her strength of character is shown in a way that you believe she will be an excellent match for Brynn. Both women are well-developed characters.

 Breakthrough kept me engaged and entertained.  Be warned, reading this book will most likely result in Alaska moving to the top of your list of places to see.  In this well written, first-person narrative, Kris Bryant’s characters are well developed, and their push/pull romance hits all the right beats, making it a delightful read just in time for beach reading. 

Available May 15 from Amazon, Bold Strokes and other e-book retailers

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