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Hello Snippteers, I had a lovely week off at my aunt’s farm, whatever you celebrated, I hope it was good. This week’s snippet is from my novel Both Ends of the Whip scheduled for release May 7th. This novel was inspired by a tour of a vineyard in northern Italy.  Above is the gorgeous cover from Natasha Snow and NineStar Press. I hope you enjoy this snippet. 


“Do you still work as a photojournalist?”

Vivian brought her gaze back to Octavia’s face. “No. After…” She glanced at her hands before she brought her gaze back to Octavia’s face. “Everyone with a phone is a photojournalist now. I do portraits. Private events. I work when, and if I choose.”

Pain. Sadness. So much sadness. Let it go.Octavia wanted to cross the room and take away the sadness in her eyes, wanted to kiss her perfect mouth until she was breathless. What is the story there? Why so much pain?

Bridget made a soft sound, breaking the moment. “What time would you like your breakfast…? Um, what should we call you?”

“Vivian is fine. I’m not as—” she focused her gaze on Bridget’s face and Octavia’s stomach tightened with desire watching the exchange between them. “Formal as Martha, although we are alike in other ways.”

Bridget’s face flushed. “Could I see the kitchen please? Vivian.”

How long? How long will it be before she offers herself to her? Will I be there? I want to be there. Octavia stood up. “I think I can find the barn, if you two don’t need me.”

“Need and want are two different things.” Vivian raised her gaze to Octavia’s face, a half smile playing over her lips. “Come to the kitchen with us, and then I will accompany you to the barn while Bridget prepares dinner.”

Power and control flowed from Vivian like water over smooth rocks washing way any doubts Octavia might have had about what they had signed up for, leaving no doubt who was in charge.


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