Review: Best Lesbian Erotic of the Year, Vol. 3

Best Lesbian Erotica, Vol. 3 edited by Sacchi Green is an outstanding collection of short fiction. The heat level of this one is off the charts. I started reading it on the plane on my way home from a conference and quickly decided after reading the opening story “Ninjutsu” by Valerie Alexander that I would be wise to finish reading the rest of the stories at home.
This collection features the most diverse group of stories to date in this series. Women of color, women who are neuroatypical, women who are recovering from cancer, older women, and women recovering from trauma are represented in this well written and well-edited collection. They are written as whole characters, not merely as foils, or means to tick a checkbox for diversity.
The stories included vary in heat level from smoking hot (I”m looking at you Valerie Alexander), as well as Sommer Marsden’s “Husher” and R. D. Miller’s “Perfume,” to sweetly sexy. I particularly enjoyed the poignant  “Trying Submission” by Xan West and “Jani-Lyn’s Dragon” by Nat Burns. Bravo Sacchi Green for this glorious collection.

It’s available for pre-order here, go ahead  I won’t tell.


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